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Our mission is to provide the most authentic Neapolitan Pizza. We utilise centuries old wood fired cooking techniques and use only the freshest, finest ingredients imported from Italy.

We want to provide the same quality of pizza as you would expect when eating in a restaurant in the back streets of Naples.

If you want truly Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, after all that is the birthplace of Pizza, then you can either go to Naples or you can save the airline ticket and order from Ecco Pizzeria. The literal translation means “maker of pizza” but that’s hardly an apt description. In Naples they are true artisans with years of apprenticeship required. It is both a mentally and physically challenging role dealing with temperatures in excess of 800 degrees. At Ecco, only those with true grit get a shot at the oven. Lose focus and you’ll burn a pizza in a matter of seconds. Our oven was hand crafted in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany. Read More

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Check out our Palestinian Doughnut.
Our Brioche Doughnut with 24 hour fermentation ready for service at 5pm.

Only available this Sunday 4th July. Proceeds will be going to the Palestine children’s relief fund as per last time.

We are open from 5pm.


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