What To Expect From A Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza

We are proud to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza, and it’s something that many Italians say they love about our restaurant. Rather than follow the crowds and serve cheap ingredients atop a frozen pizza base, we prefer to keep things authentic. For the uninitiated, Neapolitan pizza can be a strange experience – people worry we overcooked the base and undercooked the toppings but trust us when we say it’s supposed to be that way!

What to expect from a Neapolitan pizza

  • We serve our pizzas as 12″ personal pizzas, or as 1/2 meter-long pizzas. We recommend a 12″ pizza per person, or a 1/2-meter pizza to split between two people. If you’re with a large group, it’s a great opportunity to sample a lot of flavours from the menu. But if the thought of sharing a pizza sends you into a fit of rage, get the 12″ and guard it like a troll. We won’t judge you.

  • Rather than cooking our pizzas on a conveyor belt lined with heated elements – an elaborate toaster, if you will – we prefer to use another tried-and-tested method. Fire. The result is super-fast cooking time and variable degrees of charring. The charring is normal and adds an extra layer of flavour. Sometimes we overstep the mark (hey, it’s difficult to control the temperature of fire!) and the base might have an acrid burnt taste – if this happens, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

Neapolitan Pizza Charred Crust

  • The combination of San Marzano tomato sauce and real buffalo mozzarella makes for quite a soupy centre. Some people dislike the sloppiness of the pizza and assume we undercooked their pizza, but in reality, if we cooked away the moisture you’d end up with a dried-up and rubbery pizza. If you dislike the soupiness, we recommend ordering a ‘white pizza’, which is simply a pizza without the tomato sauce.
  • The soupiness of the pizza inevitably leads to customers asking how they are supposed to eat it. We recommend attacking it with a knife and fork or folding it up, Neapolitan style.

How to eat Neapolitan pizza

So there you have it! Now go forth and eat pizza like a pro…