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Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you are interested in pursuing a single unit or area development opportunities as a Ecco Pizzeria franchisee, please click here to complete our initial franchise questionnaire. We will then email you our brochure and will contact you shortly to discuss. Ecco actively seeks highly-motivated individuals to become franchisees

Option 1:

You can open a Ecco express outlet. The minimum space required is at least 700ft2 /65m2. This will be primarily for deliveries and takeout.

Option 2:

You can open a full dine in restaurant. The space required will be 1800-2500ft2. This will have both a fast casual restaurant ambience and a Geletaria / Dessert bar section.

With Ecco’s increasing popularity and growth, investors and prospective franchisees realise the importance of pre-determining locations for future business. At Ecco, we call this ‘securing your territory’. This enables you to select and reserve prime and strategic locations for your Ecco franchise.

We take it upon ourselves to provide you with expert advice and strategic plans to ensure a thriving business.

Franchise fee £25,000

Total initial investment per franchise depending on type of unit £90,000 – £190,000

Royalty and Continuing Services fees are 6% of gross sales. Ongoing Marketing fees are 1% of gross sales which goes to drive growth and sales to your restaurant.

Each location is different, depending on a variety of factors, including site selection, build-out requirements.

What kind of training can I expect as a franchisee? All new franchisees participate in a  minimum 4 week interactive training program. This consists of 2 weeks at Ecco Pizzeria Leeds and 12 business days of real life management experience at your franchised location prior to and in conjunction with opening your new location. Franchisees receive regular follow up updates to their training, including on site reviews.

How is food quality and consistency maintained? Our Head chef will carry out periodic checks to ensure that the quality of the food meets the required standards. Secret shoppers will be employed to ensure that the customer service experience meets Ecco’s required standards.

A: Click here to fill out our franchise application and we will follow-up with you right away.

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