Food Philosophy

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At Ecco we are completely obsessed with pizza but is all pizza truly worthy of the name?
We have deep pan, Romana and stuffed crust just to name a few but would you really call these pizza?

Let’s take a closer look.

Frozen bread topped with sauce + artificial mozzarella + a selection of frozen toppings all baked together = The perfect pizza.


Here at Ecco we say no! We believe to be truly worthy of the pizza name requires a lot more work than that.

Invented in Naples in the 18th century, it is to this day an important part of Italian life and culture. According to the rules set out by the European Union and the Vera Pizza Neapolitan Association if you want to call it Neapolitan Pizza it must follow strict rules which we adhere to.

Seasonal ingredients
Sourced directly from local farmers and artisan producers √
No artificial additives √
No preservatives or growth hormones √
No pesticides, nitrates or Trans fats √

Simple, honest, natural and healthy pizza in its purest form- now that’s what we call the perfect pizza!

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