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Starters & Salads

Home made fresh pizza bread forms the base of some of our starters, including, bruschetta made in our wood fired oven, topped with tomatoes, fresh basil, chopped red onions with a drizzle of pesto and extra Virgin olive oil.

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We marinate our chicken for at least 24 hours in a sweet chilli base marinade then steam cook it to make it succulent and tender. The final step is to expose it to 800 degrees in our wood fired oven resulting in a sticky caramelised chicken. Must be tried to appreciate.

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We serve truly authentic Neapolitan Pizza, after all that is the birthplace of pizza. You can either go to Naples or save the airline ticket and order from Ecco Pizzeria.

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Gelato is the traditional Italian version of ice cream. Its origins are lost in the mists of time however everybody agrees that since ancient times humans enjoyed elaborate desserts of snow mixed with honey and fruit juices.

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Drinks & Desserts

Drinks & Desserts

Our milkshakes are made by blending our freshly made gelato and sorbet with organic milk. Our sorbet is made with over 50% fresh fruits making this not only simply irresistible but part of your five a day.

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Heathy Options


Unlike some of our competitors, our pizza is actually rather healthy. If you fancy loading up on your vitamins, why not try one of our superfood salads or smoothies?

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All our pizzas can be made on a gluten free base – so you needn’t give up your favourite food! We also have delicious GF salads and desserts available – just ask!

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Little People


We all know that veggies (and lots of them!) are key to a healthy diet. So its frustrating to watch out kids disdainfully push veggies to the edges of the plate and refuse to eat them. At times like these it pays to be a little but sneaky.

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