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Healthy Options

Here at Ecco, we pride ourselves on being more than just another unhealthy takeaway – alongside our selection of healthy and delicious pizzas, we also offer some super healthy options to help you look and feel great!


Ecco Mixed Salad – £3.95

Mixed leaf salad, crunchy peppers and cherry tomatoes with a balsamic vinegar dressing.

Tomato Feta & Lentil Salad – £3.95

Our lentil, cucumber and herb salad. Topped with cherry tomatoes, feta, olives, rocket & toasted seeds, with a lemon and olive dressing.

Mozzarella Salad – £4.45

Mozzarella, sweet tomatoes and basil, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and pesto.

Pollo Caesar Salad – £4.75

Rosemary wood fired chicken breast, romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, parmesan shavings with a caesar dressing.

Beetroot and Mackerel Salad – £4.75

Hand torn mackerel, tossed together with sweet beetroot and baby spinach leaves, finished with a light and refreshing horseradish dressing.

Roasted Vegetable Superfood Salad – £4.75

Quinoa, avocado, roasted peppers, sun-blushed tomatoes, caramelised red onions, mixed leaf salad, roasted pumpkin seeds, with a lemon and cumin dressing.

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