Ecco Pizzeria Reviews

There is no greater feeling in the world than receiving praise for something you put your whole heart into. Positive reviews and enthusiastic blog posts are the lifeblood of this industry – we’re wary of any restaurant owner declaring they don’t care about reviews! We love that people are willing to spend their time piecing together kind words about our business; it’s humbling to say the least.

So here’s a collection of some of our favourite reviews and the kindest words we’ve received to date. And if we’ve missed you off the list, drop us an email on and we’ll get it up here, pronto!

Yorkshire Evening Post

“The chefs at Ecco are purists. You won’t find crusts stuffed with cheese here; no deep-pan options anywhere on the menu. Authentic pizza using top-quality ingredients baked in a traditional wood-fired oven is the simple ethos. After all, why try to fix something that was never broken to start with?”

ShortList – Search for the UK’s Best Pizza

“A genuine Neapolitan base from hand thrown dough and perfectly charred in the wood burning oven (which incidentally bears an uncanny resemblance to Yoda’s home from The Empire Strikes Back), the modern twist comes courtesy of the sweet and crunchy pomegranate and fresh herbs, expertly accompanying the subtly spiced and slow-cooked lamb. The force is strong with this one.”

The Gryphon

“Ecco Pizzeria makes a nice change from the standard, greasy takeaway options and is a great dining out option too. Whether it be to celebrate the end of an academic year, to commiserate on your results, or just to pig out and cast aside fear of the upcoming term, Ecco will never disappoint.”

A Tale of Two Sittings – Where To Eat in Leeds

“Go for the classic Margherita Ecco – you won’t regret it, but if you prefer something more extravagant no doubt you’ll find it here!”

A Tale of Two Sittings

“… it was very good indeed. The dough was lovely and thin, just the way I like it, and the crust rather than being thick and doughy was light and not heavy in the slightest. Neither of us was going to leave any crust behind!!”

Cous Cous Bang Bang

“the Mexico City is a hot, delicious mess of fajita chicken, jalapenos & guacamole and Marrakech’s combination of slow-roast spiced lamb, feta, pomegranate and peppers tastes like the poshest donner kebab you could imagine, without any of the shame.”

Cous Cous Bang Bang at Ecco Pizzeria

Image c/o Cous Cous Bang Bang

The Vegan Punk

“Ecco really takes the art of pizza making seriously. […] The pizzas were very good, with the base being particularly nice – thin and soft in the middle, the crust raised and slightly burned around the edge, it was fresh and not too heavy.”

Leeds Foodie

“Having been lucky enough to spend a month in Italy I can safely vouch that the flavours they create as well as the textures and even the appearance really do resemble that true Neapolitan tradition.”

Auburn Antics

“Oh… Sweet… Jesus. It was amazing. Such a simple pizza but the flavours, freshness and the skill meant that it tasted and was cooked to perfection. I easily could have eaten a whole metre of this by myself!” – On the margherita with riccota stuffed crust.

Auburn Antics at Ecco Pizzeria

Image c/o Auburn Antics

Cheery Little Thing

“When it arrived, it was a delectable feast. The heart of the pizza was thin with just enough topping (but not too much to make a mess) and had a hearty, perfectly cooked melt-in-the-mouth crust.”

Cotton Tales

“Whatever mood or occasion, you can head to this place and delight in the glorious culinary marvels of their pizza by the metre. If the stone oven at the back doesn’t convince you that this place is legit, then just watch the happy satisfied grins on all the people around you, chomping away on their delicious pizza slices.”

Wow 24/7

“Expect no fancy stuffed crusts or deep pan options in this place, but rather an awesome simplicity which utilises centuries old wood fired cooking methods to capture a taste of Naples – the birthplace of pizza.”

Holiday Lettings/Trip Advisor – The Top 20 Pizzerias in the UK

“Dishing up delicious Neapolitan Pizza, Ecco Pizzeria easily meets the stringent requirements of the Vera Pizza Neapolitan Association. Let’s face it, you can’t go far wrong with seasonal ingredients supplied by artisans. And since preservatives and trans fats are banned here, it almost counts as health food. Right?”